About the Staff

Rebetzin Devorah Green/Ivrit and Judaic Studies

Rebetzin Green of Kehilat Haturim Yeshivah and Shomrei Emunim Synagague has taught at EMA since 2012. She hails from Jerusalem, Israel where she taught English reading and writing for 30 years and was the beloved Rebetzin of Yeshivas Bircas Ha'Torah in the heart of the old city. All the children love working with Rebetzin, and we have been fortunate to include her as our staff. Rebetzin Green concentrates on teaching the students Ivrit, English, Parshat hashavuah (weekly Torah portion) Chagim (holidays) V'Dinim and our laws and customs. 

Amina Mulayev/Lead teacher

The vision to open a Jewish Montessori school started in the year 2010 after working at various Montessori schools. I chose to home school my son while applying the Montessori method to our Jewish lifestyle and education. The materials, ideals and philosophy adhered to my personal style of teaching. That same year an old friend and fellow Montessorian asked if I would accept her daughter as a student. Thus, began my journey  from homeschooling my son to creating a program for the children in our community. I received a BA in Early childhood Education in 2004. I graduated Cum Laude from QC in NY and am part of the Kapa Delta Pi association. I acquired my Montessori Degree from NAMC in 2010. 

Yaffa Shakhmurova/AMI Co-teacher, Secular studies

Morah Yaffa began teaching at EMA in 2015 and is currently attending Southwest Institute of Montessori Studies to receive her; Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) degree in 2019! Yaffa has loved teaching since childhood, she is dedicated and meticulous, and is the proud ambassador of Emunah Montessori. Teaching is not a vocation but her true calling. She loves observing children flourish in our Montessori environment and wishes she can share the Utopian method of education with everyone!

Nurit Avigdor/Music and movement teacher

Our musically gifted teacher, Nurit has worked with us for the past 4 years. She has been a music teacher and public performer for the past 40 years! The children are always eager to sing and dance when she comes to school. Nurit has a lovely array of activities that are always geared towards our Jewish culture, the weekly Torah portion and our holidays! Twice a year the children put on a lovely performance for the families of EMA. We also attend a local Jeiwsh nursing home to sing and perform for the elderly and put a grand smile on their face, a true and beautiful Mitvah. 

Brooke Foster/ Teacher of Fine Arts


Brooke Foster, known to her students as Morah Brooke, is a Phoenix based artist and Fine Arts teacher. She grew up in Orange County, California and moved to Arizona to attend Arizona State University. While she was pursuing her undergraduate degree, Brooke developed a passion for sharing her knowledge of the Art World. She enrolled in Art Education courses and began her career as an educator, working as the Fine Arts teacher in various schools and extracurricular programs. After graduating from ASU with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, Brooke settled in Phoenix where she continues to build her personal portfolio of original artwork and share her love of the Art World with students of all ages.