What our EMA families have to say...

Testimonial from Tali and Glenn Hamer

I recommend Emunah Montessori to every parent and child above all other schools anywhere.  When you send your child to this treasure-school, you give your child a home away from home, a small protected environment, and one-on-one academic education for math, reading, and Hebrew, in addition to the Montessori experience.  Children feel loved and confident.  Thanks to the Montessori method, they feel that work is play and play is work, and they work and advance at their level, which is such wonderful respect for their individual needs.  They don’t have to wait and waste time if they are ahead, nor to ever feel labeled as slow if they need more time to grasp a concept  The children also still socialize and do group story time and group discussions. Subjects go in depth in the Montessori style, and all the work around the room gets switched around to fit the themes. The directress of the school is elite in her emotional IQ, dedication, warmth, and positivity.  She makes every child feel unique and reinforces positive behavior so that they bloom.  We miss the school, the community, the challahs, the breakfasts, the holiday projects and presentations, the school events, the Emunah Montessori-style birthday celebrations, Amina’s beautiful singing voice, and mainly—having a safe home away from home.  Toda Amina!  Maya lights up when I say your name.  You gave her the best start in life.  We are forever grateful.  Thank you for pouring your heart and neshama into the school!  :). 

                                                                        Tali and Glenn Hamer 

testimonial from the Aminov Family

"We love being part of the Emunah Montessori Family. It is a safe, friendly and nurturing environment for our children. the dedicated teachers here encourage students to be resourceful, respectful, independent, and think critically with their daily activities. the students excel both academically and personally, benefiting from a small class size and the hands on Montessori teaching style. There is always open communication between parents and teachers which helps us become an integral part of our children's education. "

                                                                             Anna and Arsen Aminov 

Testimonial from the Mirzakandovs

" All 3 of our children attended Emunah Montessori. We could not have been happier with choosing such a wonderful environment for them! We recommend this school to all of our friends and family. We would have gladly kept them at EMA if it extended to high school.  You know your children are in an amazing school when over the weekend they wish it was Monday! Not only did they receive a great academic education but their attitudes, behavior and Independence was amazing to witness. Not to mention the food, field trips, performances, life lessons and so much more our children acquired and experienced during the three year cycle. We shall forever be greatful to all that Amina and her staff have done for our children! "   

testimonial from the Leviyev family


" Emunah Montessori Academy is an amazing place that allows children to flourish. The practical life and sensorial activities are some my sons favorites. He can concentrate on the task at hand for the longest time, showing dedication and concentration, and is given ample time to do his work without ever being rushed. Eliyahu has shown great improvement on many levels. Amina and her staff truly bring out the best in each student and care for them as if they were their own. It truly fills a void in the Phoenix Jewish community! ".